weight lifting can prevent PreMature death|a new study,2022

These finding were based upon the self report of almost 100000 men and women.

weight lifting can prevent PreMature death

A new study shows that weight training and aerobic exercise have substantial health benefits. However, combining them could make a bigger impact on disease prevention and early death risk.

According to peer-reviewed research published in Tuesday’s issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, people who lift weights at least once per week and engage in aerobic activity as recommended had a 47% lower chance of dying young. British Journal of Sports Medicine .

These findings were based upon the self-reports and data from nearly 100,000 men and woman aged 55-74 who took part in the Prostate, Lung, Colorectal, Ovarian Cancer Screening Trial, which began back in 1993.

Many of the 2006 participants were asked additional questions, such as whether they exercised with weights in the past year and, if so how often. This could be anything from a few times per month to multiple times per week.

The participants were also asked to rate their physical activity in the past year, including the duration and frequency of moderate intensity and vigorous activities.

Weight training for older adults without aerobic exercise reduced their risk of premature death by as much as 22%. This percentage was dependent on how often they lifted weights in a week. A 14% risk reduction was associated with lifting weights only once per week, while the benefit increased the more weights were lifted.

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Participants who exercised aerobically had a 34% lower risk than those who did not do weight training. The lowest risk, 41% to 47%, was for those who exercised at least once per week and who also lifted weights.

weight lifting can prevent PreMature death

The Rate of cancer mortality does not change by lifting weights:

However, the authors did not find a lower chance of dying from cancer.

The findings didn’t depend on the participants’ education, smoking status or body mass index. However, sex had an impact – the association was more significant among women, researchers discovered. Researchers also noted that lifting weights in a gym can be a social activity, which could lead to a longer and healthier life.

The research crew concluded that “our finding that mortality threat became lowest among individuals who exercised both varieties of workout strongly supports contemporary suggestions to interact each cardio and muscular-strengthening physical activities.” “Older adults could benefit from weightlifting to their exercise routines.”