the best smith machine bench press setup for your home gym|(2022,updated)

Smith machines are not to blame for bench press failures. Using them properly, they can be a great way to bust through lifting plateaus and improve your chest muscles.

Here i put together a list of the top 3 smith machine set up to do Smith machine bench presses with variations in order to help you get better results. You won’t regret trying one of these out.

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lets know about smith machine:

The Smith Machine is not just for weightlifters. It’s a machine that’s almost like a weight machine, with hooks and everything! No matter where the bar is, it can be rolled to the left or right to latch onto the hooks. This way it won’t easily fall off.

The Smith Machine is a machine that provides you with the ability to lift and exercise without help from a spotter. If you are stuck and could otherwise injure yourself, all you need to do is push the bar in the appropriate direction using your wrists.

can we use smith machine as my bench pressing option?

The Smith Machine is both a curse and a gift. When you use the Smith Machine, the weight will only move in one direction as it is supported; this is a gift because it is impossible to have the weights spill out of their desired path.

The curse of this machine, however, is that you cannot establish the connection between your mind and your muscles which can help with heavy lifting.

On a Smith Machine, if the weight gets heavy, you can adjust how you’re doing it as much as you need to. However, the weight can only go in two directions — up or down.

This may seem like a good thing but from a performance standpoint it’s not good. It’s where people often pick up bad habits and then reinforce them over and over.

benefits of smith machine:

  1. This Smith Machine bench press does more than pump your chest. It can assist you in lifting heavier weights on the bench and in other places.


  1. The barbell is attached by the Smith Machine, giving excellent motion stability. In the traditional bench press, ensuring the bar stays in place is an integral part of the process. However, this Smith Machine eliminates that.
  2. This will allow you to lift heavy weights and not devote your energy to trying to keep the bar in balance. Alongside incorporating this Smith Machine Bench Press into your exercise routine, you can increase muscle mass with your The Ripped Stack, which can ultimately assist you in lifting larger weights.


  1. Since the stabilizing muscles aren’t performing as much of part in this Smith Machine bench press, it could appear to be a negative, but the result could indicate that your pecs will get more work.
  2. Because Smith Machine Smith Machine doesn’t rely as heavily on stabilizing muscles, the pectoralis muscle could be more enlisted to create more force. Focusing on the pecs will help increase strength and mass in this area.

PREDICTOR OF the upper body strength

  1. The bench press is a great tool to enhance your overhead lifting, but you might not realize that it could be in a position to predict the strength of your upper body.
  2. one rep maximum of the bench press could be associated with the load from the barbell’s biceps curl, hammer curl overhead triceps extension, and dumbbell shoulder presses.
  3. This is not just neat data, but it may aid in preventing injuries caused by lifting too much weight.


  1. Perhaps your gym buddy has canceled the bench press day, and you need an alternative spotter. This Smith Machine can provide the safety of a spotter if you have the security pins in place.
  2. It’s not to say that this equipment shouldn’t replace your exercise friend, but it’s there to be a good alternative for lifting safely, particularly when benching large weights.

lets discuss how to do a bench press using a smith machine:

Even though the traditional bench press and Smith Machine bench press seem similar, there are subtle differences in how you do them.

The first difference is that with a Smith Machine bench press, paying attention to the equipment setup is essential before beginning an exercise.

With the traditional or Olympic bench press, the rack, barbell, and bench are fixed in front of you.

If you want to do a Smith Machine variation, ensure your equipment setup is correct before lifting the bar with weights.

Smith machines have tracks that can be either straight or angled. Some gyms use a vertical, straight path for bench pressing and others use an angled Smith machine with a pitch of 5-12 degrees.

There are also different ways to set up the bar and bench depending on the type of Smith machine you use.

let follow this steps:

  1. The setup of your station is crucial to ensure a successful lift. You’ll need to set up an unflattened bench in the center of your Smith Machine. Place the bar in a position so that your arms have to be fully extended to lift it off the bench. Put the safety pins in place, mainly if you’re using a spotter. This way, if you fail in a rep, you’ll be able to put the bar’s safe back on the rack.
  2. When your station is ready, lie down on the bench until your chest’s middle is in line with the bars.
  3. Hold the barbell with the hands slightly larger than your shoulder width apart, and then press the bar until it is un-racked.
  4. Lower the bar slowly and keep your elbows tight to prevent overstressing your shoulders.
  5. The bar should be stopped when it is just below your chest, or maybe a few inches higher, depending on your ability to move; however, your elbows must bend around 90 degrees.
  6. The bar should be pushed until it is back up till your arms are fully stretched while your elbows remain fully extended. Slowly lower down in the same direction to return to your starting point.

common mistakes we did:

Doing the bench press incorrectly can put you at risk of injury, which is why you’ll want to avoid these common errors.


One of the biggest errors lifters makes while benching is flaring their elbows parallel to their shoulders when they press and lower. This puts unnecessary stress on your shoulders and could be why you’re not lifting as far.

To ensure a safe and efficient lift, you should tuck your elbows slightly down so that your elbows are up to your ribs; you create approximately a 45-degree angle.


In the majority of workouts, you should not arch your back. It is something you should avoid, but with your bench press, you could gain from this. Because your lower back has an inherent curvature, arching your back while doing this exercise will prevent the shoulders from rolling forward.

It is advantageous for your posture. However, it could aid in pushing an extra weight by limiting your range of motion and aiding in strengthening your shoulder.


Some lifters put their feet on their benches while they bench, which can result in an unstable foundation that you can press against. If you’re not stable, you’re at a higher chance of not being able to lift as much or, even more seriously, sustaining injuries.

If you’re pushing a big weight, you must exert as much force as possible. Pressing your feet against the floor can provide the additional force required to reach the highest point.

the top 3 smith machine brand for your home gym:

i think you people are clear about smith machine.not only you can do bench press but also you can do squat ,shoulder press,deadlift and chin up also.

I mean to say that a smith machine is enough for your compound exercises which is helpful for muscle building and weight loss.

Now I am going to tell you about the best smith machine brands which are perfect for your home gym set lets me tell you one by one.

1.Sarab Creations Smith Machine SR-112462:

important features:

  • It is not necessary to switch between workout stations using this gym equipment that blends various strength-building machines like a Power Tower as well as a Utility Bench as well as a Squat Rack. It also comes with a an exercise attachment for landmines that is specifically designed to be used
  • Cage size – 70″ L x 84″ W x 86″ H | Bench size – 62″ L x 26″ W x 55″ H | Max user weight – 300 lbs. Maximum Capacity of the Smith Machine Bar – 300 pounds. Maximum capacity of Safety Catches 300 lbs. Max capacity of bench – 600lbs. (weights plus user weight)
  • With multi-grip pull-up bars This equipment can be used to effectively perform exercises for your upper body such as pull ups chin-ups, hanging leg raises and so on. Additionally, you can make use of the bar to hang resistance bands up to 9 feet. clearance is recommended around the item
  • Complete assembly is required. Equipped with pull-up bars that have multiple grips, this equipment lets you effectively perform exercises for your upper body like pull-ups, chin ups and hanging leg raises. Additionally, you can utilize the bar to connect resistance bands
  • The cage comes with a strong pulley system which allows you to carry out a variety of cross-over exercises. It also has a rowing cable , so you can perform seated rows to build muscles in the back, forearms and upper arm muscles.

2.Real Swiss Functional Trainer Smith Machine Combo and Adjustable Handles Pull-up Bar:

important features:

  • Real Swiss Functional Trainer Smith Machine Combo and Adjustable Handles Pull-up Bar is made of an extremely strong steel frame that is strengthened by a tough powder-coating finish that is guaranteeing it will stand up to the rigors of long-term usage.
  • The All-in-One Fitness Equipment is flexible full body Smith cage is made up of three different kinds of strength-building machines in one sleek design, providing you with the ability to do many different exercises that are club-quality.
  • this power cage has a dual-action press arm system that permits users to do a variety of chest and arm exercises. It assists you in developing your biceps and triceps muscles, pectorals, as well as other muscles. By using the linear bearing, you can glide towards more toned and fit body.
  • This fitness equipment comes with a dual-function leg developer, with six extra-large rocker pads. The leg developer comes with an adjustable pivot point which allows an ideal body position during exercises and helps strengthen the quadriceps and leg muscles.
  • This set of weight machines comes with 6 pegs for the weight plate which allow you to organize your barbells and weights for quick access. The cage comes with a variety of accessories such as an shiver bar, lat bars, an ankle strap V-bar, triceps rope as well as pulley cables handles.

3.Everise Fitness Gold Master Cage with Counter Balanced Smith Machine:

important features:

  • What is the Counterbalanced Smith machine? The principal purpose that counterbalance systems serve is to lessen its weight. steel Olympic bar. Commercial Smith machine bar typically weighs more than 45 pounds. If you take into account the sleeves bearing the hooks that are linear. Counterweights can reduce the actual weight by around 20lbs. or more. This gives users a lighter weight to start with.
  • This MULTIFUNCTIONAL POWER CAGE will be a great to consider if you’re looking to establish your own home gym or PERSONAL training studio. It’s extremely flexible and you can do nearly any exercise using it. It’s compact, with a foot-base of 1180mm by 1500mm. It can be tucked away into a 10ft x 10ft space
  • 1. POWER RACK: It’s be used for bench presses deadlifts, squats, deadlifts and other barbell exercises. Smith Machine 3. FUNCTIONAL TRAINER With 2:1 RATIO (2 100kg weight stacks) It is used to perform all types of cable exercise 4. LAT PULLDOWN/SEATED Row with 1:1 RATE (100kgs weight stack) This is for all heavy weightlifters.
  • 5. LEG PLATE FOR PRESSING The leg press can be done vertical leg press using the Smith machine 6. A T-BAR HOLDER can be used to complete all mine drills can be performed 7. PARALLEL Bar DIPS HANDLES 8. CHIN Handles 9. HOOK for TRX 10. SIZE 6 OLYMPIC WEIGHT HOLDERS IN THE BACK
  • GM Adjustable Bench sold separately. Smith machine rod is included. no plates and BARBELL ROD (other other than Smith). The product must be assembled. Installation costs are extra

are you still confused about purchasing?

i know this confusion happens when we want to buy something fow our well being.

about the 3 products that I have mentioned all are good but if you want a machine that has all the necessary things by which you can complete your full body workout then I will suggest you go for the 3rd one.

Because you can train the compounds movement very easily due to this setup and you can able to hit every muscle of your lower as well as upper body and this total set up completes your home gym and you dont need to buy any other single equipment for your home gym and in many gyms this complete setup is being used tremendously.

I think that now you can clear about your thoughts about the choice,so i am giving you the best wishes for your home gym setup and wish you a good health.

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