How to do leg press for quads with detaild explanation(2024,updated)


Today I will tell you all through my blog how we train our quads muscle on the leg press machine
I will not tell you in this blog what is the anatomy of the leg muscles because you can easily find them on the internet.

I will tell you through my blog what you will not find anywhere on the internet
You all know about the leg press machine but not many people know how we can train our quad muscles with the help of the leg press machine because I have noticed that most people perform the leg press with hefty weights but in that sense Codes muscles that cannot train optimally And they feel the maximum load in their hamstrings and glutes muscles. So where are we doing wrong?

How to do leg press for quads:

So what we are doing wrong is our foot position, yes you read that right our foot position will depend on whether we want to train our quads glutes, or hamstrings

how to do leg press for quads

In the picture above you can see where I placed my foot, at the bottom end of the foot pad, Only then can we train our quad muscles optimally.

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Now let’s discuss this from a biomechanics perspective to help you understand
As you can see in the image above when my foot position is down, the cos component of the line of force, between that and our knee joint (which is acting as the axis of rotation here) we get this great moment arm which we named as m1 And between the hip joint and the cos component, a moment arm is created which we will call m 2.

So you can see that m 1 is greater than m 2, so the muscle near the axis of rotation of m 1 is the quads muscle, this muscle will feel more external resistance so that this muscle will train optimally. Let’s compare it to the glutes and hamstring

Respect your range of motion:

Another important thing that I want to convey through my blog is the range of motion. Yes, while performing this exercise, you should perform this exercise in your available range of motion.

While performing the exercise, always keep in mind that your hips do not lift off the hip pads as you bring the weight down. Your available range of motion will be as low as you can take the weight down while the hip is on the hip pad.

The bottom line:

So I hope you have understood through this blog how to perform leg press exercises for codes and as a fitness and prep coach I offer personal guidance, you can also take personal guidance from me, for guidance you can contact me at my email id.

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